Experience unparalleled convenience and efficiency with our Turbo-prop aircraft, ready to meet your private air charter needs. Wherever you’re departing from in BC’s southern interior, we offer a time-saving and convenient solution. Our pressurized aircraft, the Piper Cheyenne 2XL, can seamlessly transport up to 7 passengers to any destination in Canada. Remarkably, we can cover distances of up to 1200km without the need for refuelling.

Upon arrival at our private hangar, expect to be airborne within 15 minutes – no lines, no security checks, and no crowds. Our exclusive air charter service ensures a swift and hassle-free boarding process. Relax in-flight as you travel comfortably to your destination.

To further enhance your travel experience, we go beyond the skies. If you require assistance in arranging taxis, rental cars, or accommodations, our team is here to ensure every aspect of your journey is seamlessly handled, making your trip as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Fly with us and discover the epitome of personalized, efficient, and comfortable air travel.


Streak Air is a Kamloops and Kelowna air charter service that provides personalized transportation. No matter your destination needs and schedule, we do our best to accommodate you as required, providing fast, reliable and safe air charter transportation for up to 6 passengers. If you want to save valuable time with your travel needs, call today. Streak Air is ready to fly you from Kelowna or Kamloops to such destinations as Vancouver-Vancouver Island-Prince George-Terrace-Calgary-Edmonton and beyond. 

Streak Air has successfully completed a rigorous process with Transport Canada to be approved as a private air charter provider. Safety for our clients and the highest level of aircraft maintenance are our top priorities. 

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Bob Strate, founder of Streak Air.

4000+ hours of flight experience

"As pilots we are responsible for your safety, comfort and efficiency. We strive to get you to your destination on time"


Private Flight services Kamloops

With our Kelowna and Kamloops private air charter service, you arrive at your desired time. A 5-minute safety briefing, and you are off to your destination.

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The differences from airline travel are that there is no time wasted waiting at the airport, dealing with security, and waiting for all passengers loading and being seated.

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If you require extra services, our pilots will also provide such extras as reserving a rent a car, hotel rooms or other special requests.



We are ready to fly you to such destinations as Vancouver-Vancouver Island-Prince George-Terrace-Calgary-Edmonton and beyond. Call us today!


Our relationship with Streak Air and Bob Strate began in June 2021. At that time we had several crews working on Vancouver Island that required weekly transportation back and forth between Kamloops. The logistics, costs & delays of commercial travel had us looking for a better solution which we found with Streak Air. For over a year Streak Air provided us with a weekly flight that got our team to various locations on the Island and back home in just a few hours. Communication was exceptional, delays were non-existent, and we saved money in reduced down time for our team.
Bob & his team were always professional and we look forward to working with them again whenever we can.

– Interiror Plumbing & Heating Ltd

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