We Are Based In Kamloops

Our Turbo-prop aircraft is available for your private charter needs and we are based at the Kamloops airport. Which means you do not have to pay a transition cost. Our aircraft (Piper Cheyenne 2XL) pressurized, capable of flying up to 6 passengers with 2 crew basically anywhere in Canada and Western USA! 
You are able to arrive at our private hangar, be in the aircraft and off within 15 minutes of arrival, no line ups-security or crowds to deal with, fly comfortably with our friendly crew.
If you have any requests to arrange taxis or rental cars or hotels we can assist with it as well to make your trip as pleasant as possible.


Streak Air is an air charter service that provides personalized transportation. We cater to your needs and schedule as provided. Our mission is to provide fast, reliable, and safe transportation for up to 6 passengers. We are passionate about serving the public, saving you valuable time with your travel needs.

Streak Air has successfully completed a rigorous process with transport Canada to be approved as a private charter provider. Safety for our clients and the highest level of aircraft maintenance are our top priorities.

Charter Air Plane Kamloops

Bob Strate, founder of Streak Air.

4000+ hours of flight experience

"As pilots we are responsible for your safety, comfort and efficiency. We strive to get you to your destination on time"


Private Flight services Kamloops

With our service, you arrive at our private hangar at your desired time. A 5-minute safety briefing, and we are off to your destination.

Private jet in Kamloops

The differences from airline travel are that there is no time wasted waiting at the airport, dealing with security, and waiting for all passengers loading and being seated.

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Our pilots will also provide extra services, reserving rent a car, hotel rooms or any special requests.



We are ready to fly you to such destinations as Vancouver-Vancouver Island-Prince George-Terrace-Calgary-Edmonton and various locations in the USA and beyond. 


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